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Virtually all pre-package tours that are longer than a single day in duration include some type of accommodation. Accommodations range from a simple tent to luxurious hotels and resorts, and as such can be tailored to fit almost any traveler`s budget.

On escorted tours, the tour participants stay at the same accommodation. If the accommodation is a hotel, the property must be equipped to handle groups. The hotel must be able to register groups efficiently, serve group meals and provide rooms that are similar in size and quality.

Upgrades to large rooms might be an option at the time of booking but would be based on availability and on a first come first served basis. This last deserves special attention, because few things are more upsetting to a tour participant than finding out that his or her neighbor has a nicer room. Remember tour participants are all paying the same price, so accommodations should reflect that fact.

The language of accommodation

Every industry has its own manner of speaking. The people who working within those industries should know the terms and words that are important for transacting business. You will find that you use hotel-related vocabulary frequently, by understanding these terms; you will be able to access information much more quickly and accurately.

Hotel facilities &  services

These are the hotel`s facilities & services offered to guests. For example:

AmenitiesSmall complimentary it given to guests in the room. These can include everything from toiletries such as soap and shaving items to the temporary use of bathrobes and sweets on the night turntable.  
Check-inSystem of registration upon arrival at a hotel in the designated hour which called “check-in time”.  
Check-outSystem of payment upon departure from a hotel in the designated hour which called “check-out time”.  
ConciergeA staff member who provides assistance for guests such as help in obtaining theatre tickets, renting a car, arranging sightseeing, sending flowers, etc.
F & B outletsAnother word for eating and drinking establishment.
Front deskReception area where guests check in and out.
Front officeThe part of the hotel that includes the reception area and concierge desk.
Health clubThis may include fitness rooms, swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi.
House-keepingThe department that cleans tidies and maintains the sleeping rooms in the hotel.
Mimi barSmall refrigerator containing sweets, savouries and beverages. They are priced per item and tallied daily by the staff.
Room servicesFood and beverage served in the sleeping rooms.

Bedding types

There are also varying types of bed to be chosen amongst the following:

SingleA bed designed for one person, also called a twin bed.
DoubleA bed designed for two people.
QueenAn extra large double bed (smaller than the king).
KingLargest size double bed (larger than the queen).
MurphyA bed that folds into the wall when not in use. These are especially good when using the room to entertain or conducting business.
Japanese styleBedding is stored out of sight during the daytime and rolled out on the floor for sleeping.
Western styleBeds are off the floor and visible all the time.

Room types

There are a variety of different types of sleeping rooms, you will need to identify which of the following would best suit your client`s needs:

SingleA room designed for one person. Some rooms will have only one single bed while most will have two.
DoubleRoom with a double bed that can be used for either one or two people.
Double/ DoubleA room with two double beds.
StandardRegular size sleeping rooms. The bedding might consist of one or two double beds. Don`t count on a view. This room may be next to the elevator.
SuperiorRoom may be located on lower floors, may have a view, and may include double, queen-size or king-size bed.
DeluxeA regular-size sleeping room. This type of room would offer the best location, the best view, and the highest level of comfort, furnishings, amenities and décor. Bedding usually included a queen-size or king-size bed.
SuiteConsist of two or more rooms, typically a living and sleeping room. A suite may have more than one bedroom or extra rooms such as kitchenette or conference room.          
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