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Amr Elleithy March 24, 2022
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Types of Meal plans

A wide range of meal plans is available on pre-packaged tours. The level and type of plan is one of the factors that significantly affect the price of a tour. The following is breakdown of several types of plans that are commonly found as part of tour:

European plan(EP)This type of plan does not include any meals and presents a significant saving to the tour operator. Under this type this type of plan, tour participants are required to pay for all of their own meals.  
continental breakfast (CB)With this type of plan, tour participants receive a daily light breakfast such as bread, jams, fruit, toast, cereal, coffee and tea. Also referred to as bed and breakfast (B&B).
American plan (AP)Includes three meals a day. American plans are rarely used but may be offered in certain resorts or packages. Also referred to as “full-board”.
Modified American plan(MAP)Includes two full meals per day. Also referred to as “half-board”.
English breakfastFull breakfast of cereal, meet, sausages, eggs, toast, juice, tea and coffee.
A la carteA menu in which each item is priced and charged separately.
Table d`hoteA fixed price meal offered daily.

General guidelines to consider when arrange pre-package’s meal plans

  • One way tour operator s save money is by reducing or eliminating meals option.
  • What is the meals inclusion or exclusion?
  • Customer special food requirements.
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