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Travel Life is a Travel Professionals Network founded by EG SKY. Travel Life is an innovative platform  provides Personalization of the e-learning systems according to the learner’s needs and knowledge level presents the key element in a learning process. E-learning systems with personalized recommendations should adapt the learning experience according to the goals of the individual learner and using unique blended resources from IATA, The Travel Institute, VIASINC, Amadeus, Galileo, and Sabre, and then developed and customized by SME to meet the needs of each targeted group based on the training need analysis.

Travel Life e learning platform provides a unique customized training program for each targeted segment based on the training need analysis and closing the gap between theory and practical focusing on some psychologists, training motivations and the ability to increase employability.

Social Network

Travel Life is a ready made social situation gathering learners, educators, travel and tourism industry professionals, and employers in a unique platform.  

Through the platform members can create their profiles and associated resumes, contact each other via many deferment methods such as direct contact, writing on their timelines, share images, posts, and public or privet  community groups to name just few of Travel Life social learner travel professionals network. 


Travel Professionals Social Groups
Travel Professionals Social Groups
Travel Life Professionals Network

Future awareness

The awareness of new opportunities within the tourism distribution channels is essential for travel and tourism professionals in order to remain competitive and successful. 

We focus on kPI

Employability as a key performance indicator for professional training program is recognized in the Travel Life Platform by quality of knowledge focus targeted market, cost affordability, and acting as a travel professional network.

We Take It Step-By-Step

The scarcity presence of unique travel training services combined with practical application and follow-up of the post-training qualifications until they obtain a job and the presence of a permanent travel business network makes it successful.

We Keep It Simple

Travel Life value proposition will focus on more for less strategy by offering some free services; the strategy will be adopt according to each targeted segment needs and wants.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Professionalism of Responsible Tourism

Travel Life is a global travel network. It`s main goal is to upgrade the professionalism, services and productivity of the travel and tourism industry. Travel Life is a unique contact point between travel professionals, students, and industry leaders. Travel adopts its own concept “Travel Life” based on the concept of responsible tourism in serving its customers and constantly focus on the concept of a corporate social responsibility when dealing it`s partners.

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The travel and tourism industry would cease to exist without the information technology, market Information, artificial intelligence that drives it. All unique aspects are available through our intelligent partnerships.

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